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Allena Rissa: Writer and Content Creator

My name is Allena Rissa. I am a recognized and published content creator focusing on women’s fashion. I am also the Founder and Editor of The Better Fit and Attire Project.

One day, I was out shopping at the mall with my friend and we were having an in-depth discussion about how inconvenient (yet necessary) wearing bras are. She then told me that over 80% of women actually wear the wrong size bra, and I was shocked. How could something we wear every day be so incorrectly sized? 

I didn’t believe her, so I immediately said we were going to get bra fittings. Lo and behold, I come to find out that I’m wearing the wrong size! The difference between the bra band and cup size was huge, something I hadn’t realized prior! 

I had been wearing a 36D for my whole life, but the fitting told me I was a 34DD! In the coming years, I would learn that there is a global confusion around bra sizes, and its not just with women. Manufacturers all have different dimensions, and even sometimes adjust on a bra-to-bra basis. 

While I haven’t been able to change some of these larger problems, I have learned that I’m pretty close to a 34DD. I’ve found certain bra brands that make bras in consistent sizes. 

Allena Rissa of The Better Fit

I researched and worked to create this website so women would have a place to come and be informed about an article of clothing they literally wear daily. It’s not just about the bra, but about being smart and confident in yourself. 

I had no idea how many women struggle with confidence or bras. It’s a shame that so many people don’t know about this website or even the importance of wearing a bra. I hope to use my voice to continue breaking down these barriers and help women come into their own in terms of their health, body image, and overall personal growth.

Beyond The Better Fit, I regularly contribute to other publications on the topics of women’s fashion and bra choices. I also work on Attire Project, a website that provides a fashion platform for style guides and dressing tips. I have been featured in:

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